Well, I am going to try to make a brief summary of this website, which I find very interesting and which expresses and reveals to you a part of my intimacy and my relations with the pornographic world.
It consists of videos, a diversity and variety of photos, made during the shootings, the elements which I reveal through my official website, are elements which many fans and internet users asked me to express, across their questions (practices, news, etc..)
For several months I worked with designers, webmaster and engineers to offer you this website, which corresponds in its aspect and its feature to my way of being in my daily life, I wanted it simple soft and sober.
Globally, I noticed that the public was much more inflexible towards women in the porn world than men, the criticisms are often more violent face to the feminine pornography, we are much more asked to be "sexually correct". That's what we try to do but, there are so many women with different sexualities, and consequently we cannot claim to please all the women throughout our movies. "To make a movie for women" is a thing which does not exist, to make a sensual movie with softness and eroticism, yes that exists !
Here we are, I wish you a very good time on the website of your favorite French MILF, with natural forms. Who already thinks about becoming a director....

Naughty kisses
Sophie Pasteur